Tired of SEO theory? You’re not alone!

The best investors and businessmen consume a wealth of case studies, stories, and history. But not only to create hard-and-fast rules. They also do it to build a massive database to sharpen their intuition.

With SEO it’s much the same. Sure, you want to understand best practices. But with best practices, SEO doesn't end – it's where it begins.

That’s why we started SEOexamples.com, a collection of unconventional but successful case studies:

After all, it’s often easier to learn from practical examples than theoretical principles.

We believe that by reading our examples and case studies, you’ll better understand, how and why certain SEO strategies and tactics work in the real world.

And ultimately, you'll have an edge over those who blindly follow Google’s advice.

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An SEO newsletter that’s actually fun to read!

No matter if you’re a seasoned SEO veteran, just starting out, or SEO is just one of your many responsibilities in your day-to-day: Don’t waste your time with theories or chasing the latest Google news. Learn from strategies that truly work and get an unconventional but successful SEO example, delivered to your inbox every month.

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